ShopForArt Staff Picks – Tom A.

Framing, Art, DecorFraming, Art, Decor  “As a fan of maps and architecture, I love the airport graphics from Naxart Studio (Sherman Oaks, CA). For display in the store, a moderately-sized one in each available color for your city could be framed in a wide, 8-ply mat and framed with something clean and simple like Larson-Juhl’s Bauhaus 862440.

A civic-minded fan of contemporary art could purchase one or the entire grouping for a dramatic display. People who have made their homes in multiple places over the years could create a collage using pieces representing various cities.

Framing, Art, DecorI also really like the Patent Drawing series from Aged Pixel. The fun colors bring an updated twist to historical materials. Pieces with medical and firefighting themes make for great gifts for people in those professions and the toilet bowl, toilet seat, and toilet paper roll drawings would be fun in a bathroom (and, yes, they’re available as shower curtains!).”

-Tom A., Regional Sales Manager & New Store Construction Manager

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