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Enjoy Your Summer Vacation Year Round!

Your trip has been planned for so long. Now you’re excited and packing – vacation is finally here. One thing you would never forget to bring — your camera. You take so many pictures to capture the moments and places you want to remember for a lifetime.  These images celebrate you, your family, and the memories you cherish.

Now you are back at home from your wonderful vacation. How long do your pictures stay in digital wonderland?  The answer – too long.

Framing & Art Centre can create a special place to keep your photos and mementos rather than the camera or a box in your closet. After you have your photos printed, bring them to Framing & Art Centre and let our expert designers and framers turn your photos and mementos from your vacation into a piece of art. We will help you choose from a wide selection of frames and mats to create a unique custom framing design that reflects your style and personality. With custom framing, you can recapture the essence of the vacation memories you treasure. Your custom framed piece of art which memorializes your vacation can be displayed in your home or office for all to see.

Custom frame your photos and mementos of your vacation at Framing & Art Centre – so you can relive and enjoy your vacation year after year!

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