Designing Framed Artwork for Your Home

Don’t know where to start searching for art for your home?  Determining the proper image, size and placement of new artwork can sometimes seem intimidating. Here are some tips for choosing framed art that will fit perfectly in your décor:

Finding the ideal image:  Our designers will help you narrow your search for the perfect image that will complement your décor and give you ideas on how to use wall art to give your home an atmosphere that reflects your personality and style. We have an almost unlimited selection images that can be customized to the exact size you need. We can print your selection to your exact specifications on art paper, canvas, acrylic, metal and wood.

Consider framing special objects or memorabilia: Custom frame family heirlooms and images that bring you delight, show your history, or represent a special place or memory. Military medals, coins, stamps, sports jerseys, concert tickets, musical instruments and collections of all varieties can be beautifully displayed in shadow box frames and integrated into your décor.

The perfect size: Imagine how you plan on hanging wall decor before you choose the art itself. Size does matter, before buying wall art, measure the wall spaces. Our designers can have your image printed your to the exact size you need.

When picking art for any room bigger is better, often people tend to choose wall art that too small for the room.  If you are investing in art, you certainly don’t want to hang it, only to discover your room still feels empty.

Consider the amount of furniture that you have in a room and the height of your ceilings, vaulted ceilings are perfect for a larger framed piece of art, shorter, smaller framed pieces work well with low ceilings.

The perfect height: When determining the size of art, any piece of framed art should be hung with the center point at eye-level.  The rule of thumb when hanging art over furniture such as a sofa, table, fireplace mantle is the art should be three-fourths the width of the furniture and hung 6″-12″ above the top.  It doesn’t need to be exact and sometimes an off-center piece brings wonderful visual interest to a wall.

Custom framed art is an investment that will last a lifetime; it can make or break a room and is essential to a finished look. Uniquely custom framed objects are always going to tell a fascinating story, creating a home that’s special and uniquely yours.

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