Custom Framed Mirrors

Custom framed mirrors are a timeless and elegant way to add style, light and sophistication to any space. They can serve to reflect light and brighten dark rooms, reflect and multiply a beautiful view, or visually expand a room to add depth and a sense of space. Use these five tips when selecting and placing a framed mirror:

  • When choosing a location to hang a mirror, carefully consider what it will reflect. A mirror can reflect a window’s abundant light or a favorite piece of artwork, but it can also reflect a cluttered storage area.

Mirror, Framed

  • Because the frame is the only decorative element on a mirror, make a bold choice. Feel free to use frames with exotic, bold or unusual finishes or designs. They might overpower traditional artwork, but can serve as a great decorative accent on a mirror.
  • Mirrors are made with thick glass to avoid flexing and distracting distortions in the reflection. Since they can be heavy, use a larger frame that will be able to hold the weight well. A larger frame will also keep the mirror in balance and proportion.
  • Don’t feel obligated to hang a mirror on a wall. One large mirror on the floor and leaned against the wall can set a modern, elegant tone. A mirror can also be leaned on a shelf or mantel to serve as a backdrop for smaller framed artwork or decorative items.
  • Use mirrors to brighten and visually open up a small space. They can reflect the light of a chandelier in a dining room or create the illusion of more space in a small area.

Mirror, Framed

Finally, don’t be afraid to be BOLD with mirrors. Framed mirrors are timeless and practical. Visit Framing & Art Centre for all your framed mirror needs!

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